Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Set Up Another Blog

I have decided to filter away all my legal-related blog posts to another blog. It is easily found at leeshih.com and where it will focus on corporate law and other law posts.

Do go visit it as all future law-related updates will go over there instead.


sharon said...

i do have some doubts, and i would be grateful if i would be able to ask you about bar course in singapore. my email address is sharonlim_3344@hotmail.com
erm, you can add me on msn or choose to email, whichever you prefer.
hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am sure my comment is done at the wrong place, but since you are moderating comments, you will be able to switch it to the correct place.. I was looking for info about Singapore bar exam requirements when I found your website. I have read everything, went as well on Singapore bar website and I am still not clear whether I can sit for this exam or not. Having your opinion would be really helpful. I plan to write an email to the Singapore Bar as well. My situation is a following :
I do not hold a LLB from an university listed by Singapore Bar > got my LLB in France.
However :
- I got a LLM in an US university
- I am admitted to the New York bar, the California bar and the French bar.
I try to see if these foreign bar admissions would help me to sit for the SG bar exam but did not find the answer. What do you think ?
Thank you for taking the time to answer me.
Best Regards,

my email is : tuvatroloinmomo@gmail.com

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