Sunday, February 03, 2013

Zombie Run Malaysia 2013

 2 February 2013: The zombie outbreak has spread across most of the world. There are only pockets of human survivors left in the world. Here in KL, the last few humans make their way to the forested area near Bandar Utama where we will make our last stand. We are running low on crucial supplies like medicine, food and water. What little supplies were left are stored deep in the forest which reports indicate have been overrun by zombies.

The survivors making their way into the forest to make our last stand

The leaders of the survivors initiate what is codenamed Project: Zombie Run Malaysia. We will be emulating what has been found to be very successful in the other countries where the remaining survivors have also carried out similar operations. We will be split into groups of five and where we will only be armed with a protective vest to try to ward off the zombies and prevent infection. The vest will have a flag attached to the back. If the zombies do manage to attack you, and once the flag is ripped, the vest will lose its protection and you will be lost to the zombie horde forever.

Being handed our vests. That is all that stands between us and the zombie horde.

Our wits will be our most valuable weapon. We hope to stay alive.

Spread out across the forest, the scouts have reported that the supplies are located in five different zones. We must stay together with our team of five and attempt to collect all five different supplies and bring it back to headquarters.

However, the scouts who have made it back alive also report that the zombie horde has also spread themselves out across the five different areas. These zombies still bear some of their intelligence and appear to be working together in co-operation. A crude map, drawn from the intelligence reports, will help guide us through the forest.

The scouts have also reported that there appears to be three different species of zombies. The first is the stumbler-like zombie. They are much slower and are only able to lurch at nearby humans within a very limited space. The danger they pose individually is much lower but they do tend be found in larger groups together. The second zombie are the runner zombies. After death, they seem to have been augmented with great speed and ferocity. They are able to accelerate with great bursts of speed and like to trap their victims into tight areas. The third is a still unidentified type of zombie. They are rarely seen and tend to disappear and meld into the forest.

We receive our briefing from our commander and we check that our protective vests are safely secured. We know that the fate of humanity will depend on us obtaining those crucial supplies. But the commander also ominously tells us that not all of us will survive and that he wishes us godspeed.

Vests on. Our team's codename is Team Alice.

The humans are ready to fight back.

0800 hours: We advance close to the restricted area where we will now be on our own against the zombies waiting in the forest. The survivors have built a base which provides protection against the zombies but they will be raising the doors to allow us to run outside the base into the forest. We mutter a silent prayer under our breaths.

We can already hear some of screaming far within the forests. We are unsure whether the source is human or inhuman. Zooming in with our binoculars, we can already see some of the shambling undead in the distance. 

Our commander again reminds us that we only have 45 minutes to grab as many supplies as possible. We must get back into the base within that 45 minutes or they will assume that we are already dead and then seal off the base and prevent anyone else to return. There are 150 of us making this daring raid while the scouts have reported that there are close to 75 zombies spotted in the forest.

The sealed doors are raised and we surge forward into the unknown; our hearts already thumping in our ears. We charge forward into the forest.

We immediately run into a pack of the slow-moving stumbler zombies. They stare at us with their glazed dead eyes and they groan as we run closer and closer. We dodge and try to weave our way through this pack of stumblers. The stumblers snarl and attempt to claw through our protective vests. Somehow, the stumblers know of the weak point at the back of our vests, where our flags are, and they try to snatch and grab at our vests. 

My team successfully navigates through this initial pack of stumblers. I keep running, and as I turn my head back, I already see some of the human runners falling to the stumblers. With their vests torn, the stumblers group round the fallen and start to devour them.

We have no time to grieve the loss of our comrades and we keep running. We do a quick check of our map, as we run down the main road, and the group instinctively splits up. Some continue to sprint down the main road to head towards Zone 4 and 5. My team are at odds as to whether to follow the first half who went on ahead or should we follow the other half who have gone into Zone 3.

We decide to go into Zone 3. We immediately run headlong into a thick forested area. We can barely see several metres in front of us as we push away away the thick long grass and push branches away. We hear a loud scream and see several survivors running back towards us as they had seen zombies ahead. We circle around the area and keep our eyes peeled for those valuable supplies. We spend several minutes but it seems as if the supplies had already run out. Somehow all the supplies had already been taken. 

A minor setback and with valuable time already taken up, we soldier on to Zone 4 and 5. We decide to leave Zone 2 for the last since it is the closest back to the base, our finishing point.

Here, we experience our first encounter with the runner zombies. They sprint and circle round their prey. Working in tandem, they hope to tire down the human survivors and then pounce at us. Many of us fall at this stage. Even with the makeshift obstacles in these areas, it is hard to distract these zombies in order for us to get the supplies found deep within the area.

We are about to charge headlong into Zone 4

A runner zombie

Another runner zombie

I hear one of the human survivors making an inspiring call to arms, to get a group of survivors to work together in order to charge as a group to distract the zombies. With a loud shout, a huge group of them charge headlong into Zone 4, but which only make it easy pickings for the waiting runner zombies who ambush them from the flanks.

With wave after wave of human survivors throwing their bodies into the zombies, I manage to navigate my way deep into Zone 5 and grab one valuable supply. But I already see a runner zombie eyeing my escape route and I am forced to circle back round. I see a group of 5 survivors who have linked arms and advance as a circle closer and closer to the nearby supply. But their large size as a circle only serves to attract the attention of the runner zombies who now move towards them. I make use of this opportunity to dash towards to exit of Zone 5.

By this stage, we had successfully navigated Zones 4 and 5, with two supplies in hand. One of our team members is critically wounded however, with a zombie having torn at her vest. Each team thankfully has one first-aid kit but it can only be used two times. An injection is applied to our team member to heal her wounds. We only have one first-aid injection left. As we sprint back towards Zone 2, we spot another supply lying by the side of the road. We collect it and we now have three. That leaves only the one supply at Zone 2 left.

Being winded from the running, we take a short rest at the crossroads to catch our breath. We fail however to spot a lurking zombie who lunges from behind us and claws away at another team mate. We run away from the zombie and we are forced to use our last first-aid injection. We now had to be extra careful. 

We decide to navigate into Zone 2 with an alternative opening we spot by climbing up the side of the hill. We climb up using the roots of the trees and advance up into Zone 2. We see the survivors, one after another, falling to the zombie horde protecting Zone 2. The runner zombies have congregated near the supply and are able to repel wave after wave of the human survivors. Since we took this alternative climb up the side of the hill, we see that this is a less protected area since we are coming in from the back.

Three of the faster runners from our team spread ourselves out at different angles and we silently point to the area where we can see where the supply is stored. I spot my chance with a runner zombie tearing away at a human, and I sprint towards the supply. Grabbing it, I immediately sprint and avoid another advancing runner zombie and I slide down the slope at the opposite side. I start to shout out to my team members that I got the supply and for us to re-group.

I hear no response and I cannot locate any of my other team mates. I continue my slide down the slop of the hill and make it back to the main road. I see however another group of stumbler zombies advancing down the main road. I cannot wait for my team mates and I charge straight through the pack of stumbler zombies and dodge as much as I can. I can see the base within sight now. I see another team mate stumbling out of Zone 2, bruised and bloodied, but he is alive. He tells me that one of our team members fell valiantly to a pack of runner zombies in Zone 2. So that leaves only our two remaining team members.

I suddenly remember that we are in contact through our mobile phones and I call them to see if they are still alive. I tell them to come back to the main road and to charge through the stumbler zombies. The minutes tick by and I still don't see them. Suddenly I get a call on my phone again, and they inform me that they are safely back at the base. I sprint back to the base and they later tell me that they had managed to cut through the forest itself and led a group of survivors through the forest to avoid the main road and to avoid the stumblers.

We successfully make it back to the base, with only four surviving members and with four supplies. It was time to celebrate with the surviving humans as well. Back at the base, we also see footage of one of the successful runs carried out by one of the other teams:

Back at the base, we are also able to observe some of the captured zombies, which are safely contained in their chained area.

The four surviving members of Team Alice

Upon a closer check, I also discover that I was so close to being infected and falling to the zombies. A near-miss on my vest and my vest was still intact.

So Project: Zombie Run was a big success. If we are called on again to fight against the zombie apocalypse, and if we are still alive in a year's time, we will be back!


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